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experience counts

An efficient and smooth running workplace needs

a partner that is flexible and responds quickly work with clients of all sizes. Our furniture has been tried and tested over many years, providing peace of mind for clients who rely on furniture from proven and trusted manufacturers. You will benefit from working relationships that go far beyond… to over-deliver, while standing with you every step of the way.

design + build


With an infinite number of contemporary work-styles, solving for your basic workplace needs can be a daunting task. Start thinking… The best workplaces stimulate your imagination and help your organisation thrive. They meet tomorrow’s challenges, and are as unique as you are. That’s why your new workplace can’t come from a structured formula. It grows creatively… from a conversation about who you are and where you want to be!


Working with will help build spaces that are as functional and flexible as they are beautiful. Consultancy with our designers and build team will provoke and persuade, sparking innovation to conclude with the right design for your new workplace environment. From conceptual design to fulfilment, our design and build service will help stimulate and facilitate new growth within your busy organisation.

Vitra Citizen Office High Work

Ocee FourSure 44

refurbishment + relocation


Let us carry the weight of relocating. Our team’s wealth of experience in helping clients relocate is structured and flexible enough to deliver a smooth-running relocation for your organisation. We appreciate and understand the complexities of relocating a workplace, and how best to approach the transition from space to space. One working environment to another. In all, ensuring your day-to-day working schedule remains unaffected and therefore not costly in lost revenue.

delivery + installation


All furniture deliveries and installations are coordinated and undertaken by employees using our fleet of delivery vehicles. We take pride in our ability to deliver a service. Our teams are experienced and fully trained, continuity of managing both delivery and installation guarantees a prompt and professional service each and every time. Our responsiveness and flexibility is a significant attraction for many clients who demand the reassurance for a quick and efficient service.


warehousing + storage’s purpose built 12,000 sq.ft warehouse on the Thames Gateway Park provides a unique location for servicing clients in and around London and the South East. Our storage facility is of course fully insured, providing 24 hour security. We stock a selected range of furniture for immediate delivery, and in addition, our warehouse facility offers a useful storage facility for clients to store and call-off furniture, as and when required.

Humanscale Freedom Chair

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