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workstations help build workplaces that are as functional

as they are flexible, helping create a fun place to work

fixed workstations


We can help you plan and provide for a comprehensive range of fixed systems products, work chairs, desks, storage, and accessories for both the open plan and cellular office. These products help define today’s workplace as it transforms to support changing demographics, evolving technologies, and an ongoing shift to ‘distributed work’ that combines areas for personal focus with shared spaces for group collaboration.

flexible workstations


Supports two or three people who work together frequently and benefit from planned and spontaneous collaboration. Frame-based systems with moveable screens and free-standing furniture enable work groups to readily reconfigure their space as needs change, without disrupting the power and IT infrastructure. Flexible, shared workstations can also be facilitated by adjacent desktops and an extension top for occasional visitors. Storage elements and panels are commonly used to establish the boundaries of flexible shared work areas.

concentration workstations

Concentration areas help bring focus to the working environment. It allows both individuals and small groups to concentrate on their work, while not necessarily being isolated from their colleagues. Concentration achieves that blend with a range of work surfaces, panels, modesty screens, and strategically placed storage to create varied levels of privacy in the open plan office. For a collaborative seclusion, small groups get together in enclave spaces. Generally a small open or enclosed space, three to four people can work together in enclaves equipped with a desk height table or lower table, work chairs, touchdown seating or work lounge, and media screens.

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